HONOURABLE LIES …………. by Fran O’Connor

Happy to welcome Fran O’Connor to Olivia’s Blog…

HONOURABLE LIES is today’s featured novel

Historical Romance/Thriller…A passionate, thought-provoking tale of love and revenge set in Victorian England. Follow the progress of a poor, orphan girl elevated to High Society as a reward for saving the Queen from assassination. Her aim is to marry a rich man, regardless of love, so she will never be poor again; instead, she falls in love with a handsome, young landowner with whom she can have it all; love, security, and wealth. As fate would have it, there are obstacles to their romance: his estranged wife, an evil aristocrat, a beautiful gypsy, and Gallows Hill.


Fran moved to South West France in 2001 after his career in a UK police force. He may tell you he is in this idyllic region of ancient hilltop villages, vineyards and orchards because it stimulates his writing. The truth is probably that he likes the lifestyle, wine and food and it rains less than in England.

Together with some like-minded friends, he set up a theater group La Troupe d’Acteurs du Quercy putting on dual language traditional British pantomimes for the ex-pat community and the baffled French audience. He wrote the scripts, but his acting career failed to advance beyond the front end of the panto cow. Of course, that is infinitely better than being the rear end.

Having had the writing bug bite him, he took to writing novels. Six full-length novels and a series of nine novellas have been published to date with two more coming out in 2017. He writes in several genres, but Historical Romance/Thriller is where most of his work belongs. If you asked him why an English chap is writing Historical Romance, he would tell you it’s because he’s a Romantic at heart. If you asked him why he doesn’t write cop stories, he would tell you it is because he had too much of the real thing.

Fran’s protagonists are usually, but not always, female. He finds women make far more interesting characters as they have to think  their way out of trouble rather than bash through it. A throwback to his professional life is his refusal to portray gratuitous violence against women in his novels. That’s not to say he doesn’t put them in jeopardy.

In addition to writing novels and novellas, he also writes screenplays with two sold to date both waiting for the producers to get the finance to make them.

When he’s not writing, he can be found trying unsuccessfully to cultivate the too large garden and keep the old stone house watertight.

Fran lives with his wife, Vivienne, a caterer, whom he occasionally helps as a sous-chef/waiter/barman when required. He says she’s a good boss. Well, he wouldn’t dare say anything else.

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