I can’t help myself. I think, oh, there is a Regency girl tending to her garden of daisies and summer blooms, hoping she will find love again. First, however, she must explain why she is betrothed to another, breaking her true love’s heart. So, I wrote a fiction tidbit based on that idea and The Hawthorne Dairies but with a slight variation:


A Garden Hat© by Olivia Andem

“Today, I wore my lovely hat with ruby ostrich plumes for cutting flowers in the garden. Tied beneath my chin, the ribbons held it fast from a sudden breeze. Indeed, the flowers looked very fine in a silver vase on the mantel when visitors came to call later in the afternoon. One of them, a certain gentleman, sends his deepest regards. He hopes to see you again on the paths of Wadleigh Wood. This time, his horse will be better behaved. Yours, with kindest affection, Miss Katy Kitty.”


Continuing the tradition of PATIENCE BECOMES A LADY, the second book of the series is PATIENCE BETRAYED. Each of the chapter headings reflect the thoughts, dreams and opinions (sometimes silly) of young Patience Hawthorne (as I imagined them) and recorded in her fictional diary. A plucky girl who was suddenly orphaned, she is beset by the perils of courtship but longs to the blessings of abiding love.

Nothing has changed in 200 years since the Jane Austen era… young girls still trust too easily and get their hearts broken, leaving them confused and desolate. Worse, doubting their own judgment. What is love? What is not? Patience is not a damsel in distress, however, doing everything in her power to do the right thing and demand the respect of others.

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One thought on “MY GARDEN HAT”

  1. Your little “tidbit” “My Garden Hat” is very endearing.
    I just thought the picture reminded me of Beatrix’s works. As you well know, she was quite the artist with all her “country creatures” around her home in Far Sawry in the Lake District.
    Her cottage and property(under the National Trust, I presume) is so charming. All of the Lake District in England is beautiful.

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