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WE cannot prosper without Kindness & Laughter.”                                       chapter epigraph: The Hawthorne Diaries                   


PATIENCE BECOMES A LADY                               The Hawthorne Diaries I                                            sweet romantic drama

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             PATIENCE BETRAYED                                              The Hawthorne Diaries II                                               sweet romantic drama 

Look Inside  & buy  info, click here:   amazon.com

PATIENCE BETRAYED: Excerpt: (Amazon Review by A. Bentley)

“Patience, our modest but spirited heroine, is only eighteen and a recent orphan now the ward of her uncle Godfrey. She desperately wishes to do all the right things (living by the advice of “The Bride’s Companion”, a small copy of which resides permanently in her reticule or handbag), but her proud and free spirit often make her act in spontaneous ways which are frowned upon by her social circle.”

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