5 Star REVIEW: Ashes of Waterloo #FR


Captivating from beginning to the riveting end!

“…this one was easily 5 stars for me and I hope you find it as enjoyable.”

September 12, 2015 AMAZON.COM
By F. Reede
This review is from: Ashes of Waterloo (Kindle Edition)

First of all I loved that this read included a cast of characters, I wish more authors chose this route. There is an enormous cast of characters too, so it is beneficial. Secondly, I love historical fiction and this one revolves around Napoleon and Waterloo as the title makes obvious.

But in addition, Ashes of Waterloo has a bit of a romantic twist which really gave it that extra layer of enjoyment. With very strong characters, the story comes to life in a way that only a seasoned author can accomplish. Olivia M. Andem, has a keen sense of story and character development that draws the reader in from the very beginning until the last page is turned.

This my first read from this author and I finished it the desire to check out more of what else she has to offer, as I quickly became a fan. The story is told with beautiful detail and a mesmerizing cadence that draws you in and keeps your attention throughout. All in all, I would have to say this one was easily 5 stars for me and I hope you find it as enjoyable.